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What is Qubit?

Qubit is a generic information management toolkit that can be used by organizations and projects to make community-specific, web-based cataloging applications. Qubit provides a range of common web application features as well as support for professional metadata standards.

Qubit is primarily intended for use in archives and libraries that manage and host web based collections of information resources. Qubit supports multilingual and multi repository collections.

What can I use it for?

Artefactual Systems has developed Qubit to deliver and manage the ICA-AtoM and Digital Collection Builder applications. If one of those applications doesn't meet your needs, you can use the Qubit toolkit to develop, customize, theme, and brand your own web-based collections management application.


Qubit is developed using an open architecture that takes advantage of emerging web based tools and practices. Qubit is built using the symfony PHP 5 framework and a number of other open-source libraries. See the system architecture for more information about technical architecture and software requirements.


Qubit is made available under an AGPL v3 license.

Who is involved?

Qubit is the collaborative effort of related but separate open source software projects that have decided to work together to leverage time, knowledge and resources. Each of these projects is using and contributing to Qubit as the underlying toolkit to build their own applications. Please visit the respective project websites for more information,

A number of different people have contributed time and skills to the Qubit project. They are listed on the contributors page.

The day-to-day technical and project management for the Qubit project is provided by Artefactual Systems

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