Meeting 20130828

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[edit] Development

  • Radda added another fix for #5191, now both problems should be solved
  • Radda made a few more tweaks to the datepicker in #4666
  • Radda has also been working in 2.0 this week, including #5390 and #5476, and reported and fixed #5510
  • Mike G changed the way AtoM now stores its digital objects (and derivatives) on the hard drive. Instead of using information object ids to form various levels of folders under uploads, it will now use checksums... #5275. This way, between migrations you won't have to reload all the digital objects and waste time (we have yet to test this / push to repo)
  • Jessica has been testing 1.4 and 2.0 in the past week.
  • We are ready to put out the call for translators AFTER Jessica has a moment to review the workflow and docs to support Transifex contributions. Jesus has been configuring Transifex, our new translation service, and solving problems with the Dutch and Brazilian Portuguese files, as well as using Jenkins to automate the integration

[edit] Documentation

  • Dan has found a UBC student interested in working on a SLAIS work study (10hrs/week) for AtoM documentation. Jessica will be responding to the Admin email from UBC regarding the process of getting a graduate student working with AtoM on documentation (Sphinx) for the fall/winter semester (Sept.-Dec). Waiting for further information.
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