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[edit] Data model overview

[edit] Crosswalks

[edit] ISAD(G)

  • Qubit implements the elements of the International Council of Archives standard ISAD(G) 2nd Edition for archival description as core elements of the Information Object.
  • Each text value element is stored in a source language and an unlimited number of translatable target languages.
  • support: data-entry & view templates
  • version: 2.0

[edit] EAD

  • Qubit maps its Information Object attributes to EAD using the RLG EAD Guidelines as its baseline profile. See the Qubit Information Object <-> EAD crosswalk
  • support: XML import & export
  • version: 2002

[edit] Dublin Core

[edit] MODS

[edit] RAD

  • Qubit implements the Canadian Council of Archives standard Rules for Archival Description (RAD) (July 2008 version).
  • The Release 1.1 RAD implementation is being reviewed by the Canadian Committee on Archival Description in a collaborative effort to ease and improve the adoption of RAD in software applications.
  • version: July 2010
  • support: data-entry & view templates
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